RTS Global Partners was launched officially on 30th September 2012 based on the high demand and needs of our international clients. RTS is a member of RAW Group, established in 2002 in London-United Kingdom and then expanded to Dubai-United Arab Emirates in 2004. RAW Group has built its reputation upon working with over 500,000 CEO’s/MD’s in 59 countries, by delivering it successful “Unleash Your DNA” leadership and transformation programs and implementing its “DNA Profiling Model” and toolkits. This resulted in clients asking for hands-on advisory assistance at Board Level. RAW Group then started providing executive advisory solutions to predominately family owned businesses, multi-nationals and conglomerates. Since 2007 over 97% of our retained clients have come from personal referrals and private introductions. In 2011, RAW Group started the process of creating a new brand and business model, and RTS Global Partners was born. We offer leading-edge scientific and practical advisory, consulting, education and venture solutions to family owned businesses and conglomerates, as well as large corporates and governments with an entrepreneurial DNA. We also provide superior management consulting services for businesses who want to transform their human-capital and grow into new markets across Africa and Middle East.

As a rapidly-growing advisory and consulting firm, we have 40+ members supporting 100+ key clients in 8 countries and adding value to millions of employees with our collective knowledge capital, DNA systems and DNA processes. Our company is the creator of the ‘Unleash Your DNA’ brand and ‘The DNA Model’. 80 percent of our senior leadership team are client-facing professionals from different nationalities. We have plans to expand our Partner Network to 22 countries by 2022 across Africa and Middle East and service 22,000 clients, which is all part of our Vision 2022.

RTS now has over 40 Partners, Consultants and Corporate Dream Team Members as part of our growing RTS Family. Our Company DNA is all built upon the core value of “TRUST”. We build trust first with everyone we intend to do business with, however long that takes. We then design customized solutions that will impact the “TALENT” you hire and deploy, then leading to optimizing the “TEAMS” that you need to execute your vision and strategic plans, which eventually drives a process of“TRANSFORMATION” linked to technology and human capital integration. We call these the “4 T’s” and they integrate with our comprehensive “RTS Scorecards” that we use to deep-dive into over 150 different disciplines.

For more information on our “RTS Scorecards” email: .



Delivering executive advisory solutions to family owned businesses and conglomerates


Delivering talent scouting, executive search and selection professional services


Delivering research, executive forums and transformational programs


Delivering new venture funding, equity, marketplace and finance solutions

Our RTS logo expresses the following interpretation

“Unleash Your Family Business DNA – Generation to Generation with Unity”

It also encapsulates our 4 T’s – Trust, Talent, Teams & Transformation linked to “Family Business Matters”

Our V.I.P.

Most companies have a Vision & Mission Statement mounted on the wall in their boardroom (which most people have forgotten about), however at RTS we have been implementing our V.I.P. Toolkit successfully for clients and have proven ways to make it come alive throughout the company with different communication mechanisms.

V.I.P. stands for Vision, Intention & Purpose. The Vision is about WHERE? we want be in the future; the INTENTION is about WHAT? must happen to get there and the PURPOSE? is all about WHY we are doing this.

To successfully grow our RTS Partner Network to 1,000+ executive advisors and management consultants, who will professionally establish RTS in 22 emerging-market countries throughout Africa, Middle East & Asia by 2022 and then continue to grow and become the No.1 Family Business Advisory Firm globally, servicing thousands of clients from generation to generation.

To proactively support family owned businesses and fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses to build a family legacy, create sustainable growth, retain family unity and build dream teams aligned to their strategic vision, intention and purpose, by utilizing our superior, scientific and innovative family business executive advisory and management consulting solutions.

To be the trusted global family business brand and recognized as a leading global advisory and consulting firm built upon delivering reliable-results, building trustworthy-relationships and being success-specialists, that have collectively made a significant transformational impact to millions of people and their families, across many generations.

RTS Global Partners is the first company of its type in Africa, Middle East & Asia to provide superior executive advisory, management consulting, talent scouting, succession planning and strategic talent outsourcing solutions to predominately family-based business groups and conglomerates.

RTS Global Partners and its senior team of professionals have supported hundreds of family-based businesses and conglomerates in Africa and Middle East, ranging from $5m to $1b turnover companies.

RTS Global Partners has supported many family-business groups to make the transition from working IN the business to working ON the business, and focusing more on strategy and developing new ventures to increase their wealth pool. The key is to hire professionals and build the right dream team.

RTS Global Partners also supports’ entrepreneurs who want to build fast-growth enterprises, that require the right dream team of professionals. RTS Global Partners has a variety of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to suit your investment needs and budgets. RTS Global Partners has a Consulting Division, which has a similar DNA to that of a top sports/entertainment agency which scouts for talent, but specifically for the business world and for large family business groups. RTS Consulting now has a talent bank of over 300+ Million Profiles.

  • Do you require top talent to grow your business?

  • Do you need to build a dream team that blends and works as a world-class team?

  • Do you consider succession-planning critical to your business?

  • Do you want teams to execute with more predictability and get faster results?

  • Do you want to open up new markets in Africa and Middle East?

If you answered YES to any of the above, please send us an email to arrange a conference call or local meeting with an RTS Partner and start to build a trusted relationship with us. We can then share with you what we do, understand your business better and see where the synergy is.

  • Reputation: Our Partners & Consultants are professional, reliable and deliver results with speed
  • Ambition: Our Partners & Consultants help their clients grow, so we become prosperous together
  • World-Class: Our Partners & Consultants strive for excellence and provide a world-class quality service
  • Trusting: Our Partners & Consultants are honest, keep their word and act with complete integrity
  • Asking: Our Partners & Consultants ask the right questions to understand client issues and gain clarity
  • Loyal: Our Partners & Consultants create goodwill with clients and build long-term relationships
  • Energetic: Our Partners & Consultants express high self-motivation, discipline and a desire to succeed
  • Nimble: Our Partners & Consultants navigate through problems fast and adapt when required
  • Tenacious: Our Partners & Consultants never give-up when delivering to any client project