RTS is always looking to speak to top talent and experts who can bring value to our team and in turn our clients; RTS is hiring more Partners, Consultants and Corporate members

RTS was founded as a spin-off from RAW Group and it’s Founder Mr. Reg Athwal, to date has delivered programs to over 500,000 CEO’s in 56 countries since 2002 and the creator of the Unleash Your DNA brand, which has impacted millions of employees globally. This success resulted in working with family owned businesses and RTS was born out of the need to expand and add more value to clients; RTS at present is privately owned with its holding company registered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

RTS has a clear vision up to 2022 to become the leading family owned business professional advisory firm in Africa & Middle East; RTS is open to speaking with Investors and PLC’s wishing to build partnerships in the space we specialize in; RTS by 2022 has the intention to execute an IPO and to be listed

RTS has built alliances with other large and small providers of talent, technology, banking, wealth management, mobile application and professional services firms; RTS now also has access to over 250 million talent profiles in over 100 countries

We started by helping existing clients move into new markets and now offer a portfolio of finance, funding and investment solutions to support M&A, IPO, Growth & Exit strategies

We create customized leadership development and coaching programs for the owners and executive team and also known for delivering our very own Family MBA to the next generation

Some of our clients have been with us for 3 to 6 years on average and continue to use us with less frequency or eventually invite us to become Non-Execs or help them build new ventures

RTS is only firm of its type in the Africa & Middle East region focused on Tier 2 Family Owned Businesses, which has a hands-on approach and doesn’t just give reports or stay in the boardroom

We start by completing a Deep-Dive-Discovery (D3) and then come up with the right SLA to drive immediate and long-term results; investments can range from $5,000 to $500,000 per annum

RTS builds long-term trusted relationships with all the family members associated with the business and then develops solutions in over 30 key areas to help you grow

RTS has its HQ in Dubai-UAE with a Regional Hub Office in Nairobi-Kenya with plans to open other regional hubs in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Turkey, Egypt plus strategic offices in UK, USA and Hong Kong

RTS has over 30 Full-Time Partners & Consultants in 6 countries and expanding to 500 members in 22 countries by 2022, plus an Interim Consulting Talent Pool of over 1,000 experts

Yes, our Advisory Division supports the Board Level projects and our Consulting Division supports the execution of finding talent, building dream teams and succession planning

We conduct a private 1:1 intervention with all our client members from Directors to Senior Managers and complete a DNA profile to map out strengths and weaknesses

RTS has 4 Divisions with over 150 business areas it deep-dives into, then creates customized solutions blended into a monthly or yearly SLA; we are also known globally for DNA profiling

RTS has a 100% money-back guarantee if agreed SLA is not met; RTS is passionate about delivering value, renewing its contracts and building a world-class reputation

80% of RTS clients are Family Owned Businesses ranging from $30m to $300m in turnover; the other 20% are Corporates, Conglomerates and Fast-Growth Ventures