Internal and External faculty members made up of over 1,000 certified educators, speakers, trainers and experts from over 50 Countries

Company TNA

We take time to profile each participant we are creating a program for, everyone learns differently, we customize our programs to drive internal and external transformation.

Cultural Values

We have a proven process to support clients to choose from over 300 values and bring them alive with campaigns throughout the organization.


Executive Coaching Program

We have developed a unique year-long transformation Unleash Your DNA Coaching Program – click here to download the summary.


UYDNA University

We are launching in December 2015 in Dubai-UAE, a yearly special event for all our clients and coaching program members.


ELM Programs

We have 30 award winning topics for clients to choose from to support ELM development programs.

Unleash Your DNA Keynotes

We have impacted millions of employees with our UYDNA keynotes; we customize each 30 to 120 minute session to inspire your people.


MasterMind Groups (MMG)

We are create year-long MMG’s with 10-15 executives, leaders or managers in each group with the same designation but from different sectors; this drives peer to peer group learning and we fly in world-class speakers.


Family MBA

We create customized year-long programs for Family Owned Businesses to support the next generation to learn, receive coaching and mentoring, whilst incubating a new venture within 12 months.


Bespoke Skill-Based Programs

We have access to over 1,000 expert speakers and trainers in 50+ countries, we can support you in practically any skill area that needs to be developed.


We don’t offer standard out of the box courses or traditional skill-based training.

We at RTS first conduct a Deep-Dive-Discovery (D3) process first, which assesses 120+ key areas in your business that require development.

We then link this to a Transformational Needs Analysis (TNA), to give you a customized proposal with unique delivery mechanisms aligned to the DNA profiles of your teams.
Everyone learns in different ways, so we don’t think outside of the box – we simply throw the box away! Transformation is about working inside-out and not outside-in.

Here is a sample of our awarding winning program topics delivered to existing clients, all with customized sub-learning elements…

RTS Executive, Leadership & Management (ELM)

Transformational Programs

  • Unleash Your DNA (30 different sub-topics, already delivered to 1+ million people in 56 countries)
  • Vision Building
  • Purpose Hunting
  • Strategy Ocean Development
  • Super Organogram Structure (SOS) Creation
  • Talent Assessment
  • Team Dynamics
  • Dream Team Blending
  • DNA Profiling
  • Alignment Activation
  • Accountability Tactics
  • Communication Breakthroughs
  • Peak Performance Habits
  • Transformational Thinking
  • Fact-Finding Your Life
  • Patterns of Success
  • Cultural Campaigns
  • Invisible Values
  • Efficiency Models
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Building Brand Equity
  • Marketplace Expansion
  • Boardroom Brilliance
  • Superior Sales Strategies
  • Income Producing Activities
  • Weekly ROI Unleashed
  • Keynote Boardroom Presentations
  • Negotiation Mastery
  • Retention Concierge
  • Digital Revolution