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RTS Global Partners is the largest privately owned family business advisory firm and education technology platform in Africa, Middle East & Asia, with a global partner network located in 3 continents. RTS via its parent investors is now focused on building highly innovative tech ventures to transform family offices.

RTS was founded in 2002 by Mr. Reg Athwal, a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, investor and philanthropist. Other business units, investments and ventures in the group include the Family Business Academy, Fobillion Legacies and Verchool Holdings.

RTS has its HQ in Dubai-UAE, with a branch office in London-UK. RTS is a family owned enterprise and a member of TAO Legacy Holdings, a 4th generation Family Office, as part of the Athwal Family Legacy.

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Know Who We Are

About Our Group

RTS Global Partners (launched in 2012 in Dubai-UAE, with roots established in 2002 by its Founder in London-UK), has become the leading family business advisory platform for family businesses in Africa, Middle East & Asia. The firm has impacted 206 family business conglomerates and family offices to date from 1st to 12th generation legacies in 25 countries; and contributed to $8b+ of revenue growth and equity value for its network of global clients.

Our Education arm, the Family Business Academy has delivered programs to 35,000 family enterprises in 66 countries since 2002. We have a blended approach, which uniquely combines Advisory+Education+Tech to service our global clients.

RTS is known for investing time in building private relationships, enabling families to unleash their unique Family DNA, to develop a lasting one-family one-legacy philosophy.

RTS has pedigree, coming from a strong Family Business Communications, Education & Human Capital Management backgrounds; and not from traditional Accounting, Taxation, Legal & Wealth Management sectors. However our eco-system of 33 global trusted advisors and alliance partners can support our clients with all family, business and wealth matters.

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Family Office Clients served to Date


Billion ($) in Family Wealth Contribution


Trusted Advisory & Alliance Partners


Countries have our Footprint with Results


Years Serving Global Family Businesses


Generation Family Firm Experience

Our Mission

OUR Vision

To successfully build the World’s Largest Family Business (Eco-System) Platform with a Network of Trusted Advisors and Alliance Partners, in 150 countries by 2033, and then together as one global eco-system, continue to serve millions of clients from generation to generation with an innovative portfolio of advisory, education, technology, membership and investment solutions.



To proactively support family owned businesses and fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses to build a family legacy, retain family unity, develop regeneration paths, transform businesses and build sustainable succession plans, aligned to our clients’ strategic vision, intentions and purpose.


To be the trusted global family business brand that has made a significant impact to millions of families, and their respective employees and communities. Beyond business to put family first and express our philosophy of one-family one-legacy.



Family Charter policies developed for Family Unity, Business Governance & Legacy Matters


Books and 130+ articles published, with our research copyrighted and licensed globally


Step Methodology developed for Business Legacy Matters to drive Growth & ROI


Global Family Business Forums hosted in 25 countries with 100 Modules Created


RTS Family Governance Framework steps published for Government Entities


DNA Profiles completed globally for Family Firms & Entrepreneurs with our DNA Toolkit

Build Your Family Legacy with us...


I have booked Reg as a keynote speaker for YPO and he has been ranked in the top 1% for take-home value. In addition, he has been instrumental in DNA profiling my next generation to create a long-term succession plan. I highly recommend him as a global authority and advisor.

QD Managing Director, Dadabai Holding

ery informative and entertaining with great personal stories that are relevant to the message. Your presentation on building a dream team reminds entrepreneurs to use their strengths instead of thinking they can do it all. Upon my return, I immediately shared your presentation with our leadership team to hire the missing players for each of our teams for implementation of a professional succession plan.

KF President & Managing Director, Two West Inc.

Reg has been instrumental in helping our family to build robust structures and unleashing the DNA of all our second and third-generation members. His wisdom and expertise is well captured in his book – a must-read for any founder, entrepreneur, and member of a multi–generational family firm.

DMS DMS, Group Managing Director, Kingsway Group

His book is a valuable resource and guide for family members as founders or family firms already approaching the second or third generation. In a simple manner, it captures the principles adopted by many successful family firms. I hope you take time to read and study Reg’s book to unleash your family business DNA. Together we can all help many other families continue to build their legacies and give back to the world we all live in.

MK Chairman, Kanoo Group

“I heard Reg at our Global Leadership Conference and booked in a Private Family Forum. His content was refreshing for my family members. I was delighted with the way we slotted-in the diverse topics that we discussed with Reg, and he was able to convince us on his counter points and get many new thoughts going within our group about succession planning. His approach gave us a much-needed view from a long-term legacy perspective. Reg’s delivery style was quite interactive as no two families are alike. The biggest take home was to get to know our other family members’ DNA styles and to see that in every family there is potential to be a DREAM TEAM if everyone plays to their strengths. The same is valid for corporate teams as well.”

HS CEO, Eagle Group Enterprise
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