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                                       FBA Online Certification Program - May 2020 B1

RTS Global Partners launched its new educational brand, the Family Business Academy in 2020. We now offer a range of membership levels with eight core digital services and online certification programs. For more details visit www.familybusiness.academy to find out more.

Eighteen Years of Global Expertise Gained from Transforming Family Owned Businesses ranging from 2 members to 53 members

RTS Global Partners is a multi-platform advisory, education, technology and investment (professional services) organization operating a boutique partner platform, serving only family-owned businesses and guiding them to develop a lasting legacy from one generation to the next with 80+ toolkits, publications, systems and processes, blended into customized solutions for each client engagement.


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We have 18 full-time members and joint venture partners, who've advised, engaged and delivered programs to 127 clients in 23 countries, and we've hosted 53 private family forums, educating and impacting thousands of family business owners as part of our CSR initiative. We have a mission to impact 1 million families in 150 countries by 2033, with our integrated advisory, education, technology and investment solutions.

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Endless Possibilities: We Will Help You Transform

RTS has a world-class team of Directors, Executives, Global Licensed Partners, Alliance Partners and HQ Corporate Members as part of our growing RTS Family. Our Company DNA is all built upon the core values of RESPECT, TRUST & SERVE, expressed everyday to all our clients, to build life-long relationships.

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Testimonials – We have 100+ satisfied family firm clients

We work with retained clients who have business interests and investments in 33 different industry sectors throughout the world. Our clients are mainly Tier 2 Family Owned Businesses ranging from $30m to $300m in yearly revenues and at 2nd or 3rd generation. We also assist Tier 3 SME’s on a project-basis.


I have attended other Executive Forums and heard Business Coaches, but they all sounded very ruthless towards people who run the business and are focused on methods to extract maximum monetary benefit from the skills of the employees. Such speakers can create a temporary coffee driven adrenalin rush, but their views are rejected the moment such an event is over. But when I heard RTS Global Partners yesterday, I was extremely impressed with the focus towards enhancing the value of the people who run the businesses. I felt a connection and found the session extremely relevant to my business and I certainly have an even higher respect for RTS Global Partners and will certainly engage with RTS Global Partners and attend future Executive Forums if invited.

Mr. A.M., Group Finance Director, Leading Tier 1 Bakery Manufacturing Group, UAE

RTS Global Partners’ knowledge on people is superb! If you want to hire the best for your family business and ‘Unleash Your DNA’, then they are the right experts to consult. RTS are excellent business advisors and especially understand family business dynamics. They have been able to help transform our family business, tremendously improve our human capital and organizational strategy, that’s led to outstanding results and year-on-year growth for our Group.

Board of Directors, Leading Tier 2 FMCG Group, Kenya

RTS professionalized the way we look at human capital, from profiling, to the hiring process to appraisals and exit. They helped us achieve alignment and clarity, and as our trusted advisors we look forward to meeting with them each time we work together. RTS have Partners with a high degree of emotional intelligence with fantastic communication skills, which helps them easily navigate sensitive issues in the Board Room with Family Members and Senior Managers. The Partners have become part of our family and company, which I believe entitles us to earn royalties if you use them!

Mr. R.H., Group CEO, Leading Tier 2 Manufacturing & Trading Group, Nigeria

For most CEOs, the management of human capital is one of the important and biggest challenges, probably on par with strategy. So on behalf of our members, we were looking for an excellent high quality expert on the subject of human capital and talent management. Reg Athwal came highly recommended to deliver his master class for CEOs on ‘Unleashing Your Human Capital DNA’.

Our members wanted to gain more insights into selection of people and interviewing techniques. We got much more than we bargained for! Reg introduced us to his ‘Human Capital Lifecycle’. We were exposed to the entire gamut of issues right from attracting the right talent – selection criterion and interview techniques to performance management and training and development. The presentation was highly interesting and interactive. The tools and techniques presented were laced with lots of examples and tips from his personal experiences.

Apart from that there were occasions where we burst out with laughter due to the humorous quips by him. At the conclusion – the take home for most members was that they had a lot of fun and learnt very useful theory but more important practical tips and insights into probably one of the most challenging areas – finding, attracting, hiring and managing the right people for one’s business.

“It is very rare to have the opportunity to meet a such an expert – with excellent communication skills and desire to share from his repertoire. Reg left Lagos a friend of every CEO in the Room!”

Mr. M.G., Learning Chair, Young Presidents Organization, Nigeria

I’ve worked with a number of the top tier global recruiting agencies in the GCC and most have fallen quite short in terms of the vetting the applicants and the overall quality of the short-lists. I met RTS Global Partners and a Managing Partner, through an alumnus and we decided to give RTS a shot in helping us find a GM for one of our companies; their performance was without a doubt head and shoulders above any of the other Executive Talent Acquisition firms we’ve worked with. Their thoroughness, constant feedback, and sense of urgency were a breath of fresh air in comparison to our previous experiences. I couldn’t recommend RTS Global Partners’ services enough.

Mr. G.A., Director of Strategy & Shareholder, Leading Tier 1 Technology Firm, Saudi Arabia

I have worked with the RTS, over the last 18 months on a number of complex senior finance talent acquisition appointments. RTS has brought exceptional and talented individuals to the table, which have met all my specific requirements. The service is excellent, RTS always goes that extra mile and keeps in touch at every stage providing quality advice and guidance. I have dealt with many traditional recruitment specialists over the years, I can thoroughly recommend RTS at both a corporate advisory and personal level, they are really exceptional, they have also demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the Middle East & Levant Markets.

Mr. M.M., Group CFO, Family Business Conglomerate, Middle East & Levant

It is my privilege to share this reference on RTS. I am the Chairman of a Group of Companies in UAE, started in 1976 when I opened up our first wholesale garment business, which grew to numerous wholesale and then retail outlets by the year 2000. From thereon my 3 sons joined my business and since then problems kept coming up for 10 years, which I tried my level best to solve, but I could not find the solution. During this time I came across RTS Global Partners and my luck changed. It has now been 8 months since we engaged with RTS, and it’s been like a BRIDGE between my sons and me, where I can now solve my problems easily. When I retained RTS, I told them that I am selling my worries and problems to them and have come to buy happiness and growth from RTS. I am now fully satisfied and happy with the way things have progressed. No matter how much work a man can do, or no matter how big of a personality you create, one will not go far in business, until he works along with others in the family; a supportive role is necessary whether it is about building the family or business ground. I would like to thank Mr. Reg and Mr. Asin and all the staff at RTS. Many of my problems are now resolved and through RTS I came to fully appreciate what is the true value of a FAMILY CONSTITUTION. I’ve learnt how I can finally give happiness to our family, and we have succeeded in signing the FAMILY CONSTITUTION under the RTS UMBRELLA. We finally reached and achieved our goal, after many meetings and open communications. A big thanks goes to RTS in making this a reality. It is fact and truth in life, which I would like to share; you are your children’s HERO even though not expressed sometimes, also remember that in life we all have the world’s largest in-built and highly sophisticated video recorder, that is also embedded in your children’s inner-mind, so how you treat your parents, children, employees and customers is all recorded, and it will be get played back to you later on in life, when you least expect it. RTS has helped has realize these truths and led us to transformation at the family level. We now have the foundation to focus on transforming our businesses and creating a legacy.

Mr. F.M.H., Group Chairman, Leading Tier 2 Retail, Wholesale and Trading Group, UAE


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An Incredible Dream Team ‎of Experts

We intend to successfully grow the RTS Partner Platform and Eco-System to 150 Joint Venture Partners and establish RTS Offices in 150 countries by 2033. This means we can serve you globally with local knowledge.


REG ATHWAL, Founder, Chairman & MD | Bio: https://rtsgp.com/index.php/regathwal-bio/

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