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RTS Global Partners is a multi-platform advisory, education, technology, membership and investment (professional services) organization operating a boutique partner platform, serving only family-owned businesses and guiding them to develop a lasting legacy from one generation to the next, with 150+ toolkits, publications, systems and processes, blended into customized solutions for each client engagement.

Our History & Legacy: RTS Global Partners was incubated from the 30th September 2012 and officially launched on 1st January 2013, based on the high demand and needs of our international clients. RTS was incubated by RAW Group, established in 2002 in London-United Kingdom by the Founder, and then expanded to Dubai-United Arab Emirates in 2004. RAW Group was then acquired and integrated with TAO Legacy in 2013.


RTS has built its reputation upon working with over 500,000 CEO’s/MD’s (and delivering speeches and private client programs to date to 3 million people) in 65 countries, by sharing it successful “Unleash Your Family Business DNA” leadership methodologies, transformation programs and implementing its “DNA Profiling Model” and toolkits. This has resulted in clients asking for hands-on advisory assistance at Board Level, which expanded the Advisory business into 25 countries.


RTS Global Partners has now served 180 Clients to date in 25 Countries with its Premium Advisory Services, and RTS has impacted 20,000 Family SMEs with its Educational Programs (via the Family Business Academy arm), both directly and in collaboration with YPO, EO, HBS and Vistage, and other leading Business Schools & Executive Member Organizations.


In 2020 the Family Business Academy launched its first Online Certification Program and now running 3 classes every year, with over 50 families from 12 countries already graduating in 2020. Visit: www.familybusiness.academy for more details.


RTS has a long-term vision to build a ‘Global Family Business Platform’ with our philosophy of ‘One Family . One Legacy’, linked to our core values to Respect, Trust and Serve (RTS) all our Clients and Partners.


RTS focuses specifically on providing customized solutions to drive Regeneration, Transformation and Succession (RTS) paths and results for our clients. We offer leading-edge scientific and practical advisory, consulting, education, technology and investment solutions to family owned businesses and conglomerates.


As a rapidly-growing firm, we have 20 full-time members (with staff based in UAE, UK & India) and joint venture and licensed partners spread in 12 countries across Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. The firm plans to grow to 150 countries by 2033 with local partner representatives for both advisory and education services via RTS Global Partners and the Family Business Academy as two separate operating brands.


Our company is also the creator of the ‘Unleash Your DNA’ system and ‘The DNA Model’, in addition to the ‘Family MBA’ program, and the ‘RTS Family Business Governance Framework’, ‘RTS Publishing’ and the ‘Family Business Toolbox’. All part of an extensive and substantial collection of IP, built over 20 years.


Eighty percent of our senior leadership team are client-facing professionals from different nationalities. We do not employ junior associates or analysts who manage clients. We have a clear diversity and equality hiring policy and 70% of our HQ team are women. We also adopt a flexible business model allowing team members to work from offices or remotely from anywhere in the world.


RTS has grown on average 15% year-on-year over 20 years. The company is now investing in establishing global advisory board services with our new brand ‘FOBILLION’, and the firm has invested in the development of two EdTech/FamTech platforms, ready to be launched in 2022. These initiatives and new solutions, will give the firm the opportunity to scale and impact millions of family businesses by 2033.


The firm is currently 100% privately owned and a family owned business, with board members of the TAO Legacy Family Office supporting the firm and the Founder – Reg Athwal.


The firm to date has contributed to $6.2b in revenue generation and equity growth for it trusted family business and family offices clients. In 2016, the Founder was also recognized with the SME World – Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented to him by the Government President of the Dubai SME, for his outstanding contribution, impact on global families and for creating a fast-growing niche business, which has built a solid reputation of excellence.

Whether you are looking to set-up a Family Board Structure, develop a Family Charter, start a Family Office, build Leadership Teams or develop the Next-Generation, we have a rich portfolio of services and solutions, that can be customized for your Family DNA. We don’t copy and paste as we know every family is unique.

For more information on how we can partner and serve you, email: info@rtsgp.com.

20 - Our Mission


Delivering executive advisory solutions to family owned businesses and conglomerates


Delivering research, executive forums and transformational programs


Delivering family business technology solutions and new products


Delivering incubation, ventures and investment solutions

Our RTS logo expresses the following interpretation

“Unleash Your Family Business DNA :: One Family . One Legacy”

RTS Master logo-02

It also encapsulates our values and our solution foundation focus to drive Regeneration, Transformation and Succession.

Our V.I.P.

Most companies have a Vision & Mission Statement mounted on the wall in their boardroom (which most people have forgotten about), however at RTS we have been implementing our V.I.P. Toolkit successfully for clients and have proven ways to make it come alive throughout the company with different communication mechanisms.

V.I.P. stands for Vision, Intention & Purpose. The Vision is about WHERE? we want be in the future; the INTENTION is about WHAT? must happen to get there and the PURPOSE? is all about WHY we are doing this.

RTS Global Partners is the first company of its type in Africa, Middle East & Asia to provide superior blended solutions in the areas of executive advisory, management consulting, executive search, succession planning, technology transformation and strategic ventures solutions to only family-based business groups and conglomerates. We are not accountants, lawyers or wealth managers – we do everything else they don’t do! but we have access to them for our clients.

RTS Global Partners and its senior team of professionals have supported hundreds of family-based businesses and conglomerates globally, ranging from $30m to $10b turnover companies.

RTS Global Partners has supported many family-business groups to make the transition from working IN the business to working ON the business, and focusing more on strategy and developing new ventures to increase their wealth pool. The key is to hire professionals and build the right dream team, and not leave things to random chance.

RTS Global Partners also supports’ entrepreneurs who want to build fast-growth enterprises, that require the right dream team of professionals. RTS Global Partners has a variety of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to suit your investment needs and budgets.

  • Reputation: Our Partners are professional, reliable and deliver results with speed
  • Ambition: Our Partners help their clients grow, so we become prosperous together
  • World-Class: Our Partners strive for excellence and provide a world-class quality service
  • Trusting: Our Partners are honest, keep their word and act with complete integrity
  • Asking: Our Partners ask the right questions to understand client issues and gain clarity
  • Loyal: Our Partners create goodwill with clients and build long-term relationships
  • Energetic: Our Partners express high self-motivation, discipline and a desire to succeed
  • Nimble: Our Partners navigate through problems fast and adapt when required
  • Tenacious: Our Partners never give-up when delivering to any client project