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F.O.B. / V.I.P. / S.T.A.T.E. Tools

A proven framework to drive strategic alignment and develop family business group structures, to ensure all board of directors are on the same page and sign-off on the key trophies (linked to vision, intention and purpose) that the company must achieve both short-term, medium-term and long-term.

Executive DNA Profiling

A superior talent DNA profiling system to help the owners, directors and all entire senior management understand their inner natural talents, acquired skills and natural weaknesses and how these are blended into our master dream-team model, clearly showing the gaps as a group/company.

Dream Team Assessments

A process to grade A, B & C players linked to high performance, driving decisions to retain, re-deploy, blend, develop or depart individual talent and teams; pushing the group/company to higher levels.


Succession Planning

A method to define the succession plan for the owners, directors and entire senior management to ensure business continuity, growth, exit plans and avoid any critical gaps in the future.


R.O.I./R.O.P.E. Tools

A robust process to drive alignment and accountability for every business unit and department in the group/company, which supports decision making, provides clarity, opens-up communication and provides a trusted channel to drive superior results for all individuals and dream teams.

Expansion Strategies

A program to benchmark excellence in your sector(s) and implement private customer conclaves/forums to drive innovation and new ventures, linked to strategic sales/live-marketing campaigns. This can also integrate with our new RTS Investments Division (Investment Fund/Equity/Marketplace solutions)

Family Constitution

To survive past the 3rd generation of your family business, we help you create a set of ground rules and policies (150 to choose from) for the entire family



Job Role Allocation

It’s important the right family members are in the right job role; we build a structure of BOD/ON/IN for the family




Super Organogram Structure

We design and develop a customized 5-10 year human capital super structure linked to your Vision 



We blend our executive advisory, professional services and solutions into one master RTS Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a tailored ad-hoc or rolling monthly or rolling quarterly fee plan to suit your business needs.