Financial Re-Structuring

Most of our FOB clients want to expand, reduce their debt, need a part exit or liquidity plan, which leads to some financial re-structuring. We can advise on this process.


Emerging Market Expansion

Most of our clients want to expand into new markets but don’t know how. We can do on the ground research and short-list potential customers, investors or distributors for our clients to expand faster with none of the full-time human capital costs.


Investment Funding

We have access to wide range of funding portfolios, who are also looking to invest in the right business venture. We make those connections happen with our monthly ventures listing going out to investors and fund managers.


Shareholder Agreements

Most FOB’s require a shareholder agreement to support all their family members’ needs on who owns what and what happens to all the assets and equity for future generations. We help drive this process to conclusion.


Vision Marketing Collateral

We support clients to first create a Vision, backed up with the right strategic intentions and financials, then all presented in an investor pack to support communications or investor relations; it also gives internal clarity to all the shareholders.


Merger & Acquisitions

Some clients make a decision to merge or go on the hunt to acquire other businesses. With our wide network and access to over 225 million talent profiles, we leverage off this to gather market intelligence and short-list potential parties.



Some clients want to achieve a Public Listing as part of their exit plan or to raise funds to grow internationally and drive other activities. We support them on the human capital side to build the right structures, systems, processes and dream teams to make it happen.


We support next generation family members to go through a 12-step process to go from Idea to Incubation and Launch of a new business idea from a blank canvas.



We have partnered with global experts in other domains to support our clients in: Trust Management, Wealth Management, Digital Management, Lifestyle Management, Retirement Management and many other important areas